Honda Civic 2019 reaches dealerships from R $ 91,400

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Among the improvements, we can also list the new front and rear parking sensors for the EXL version and mirrors with pearlescent finish in the basic Sport model. Updated dashboard with temperature indicators have been integrated into the Sport and EX models. In this case, Honda has prepared a new arrangement of colors. According to Honda, the Civic is sold in three bids: the EX and EXL versions are more focused on comfort and technology; Sport brings a more sporty and jovial personality; while Touring is geared towards an audience looking for something more luxurious. The Sport version is the only one that integrates six-speed manual gearbox. All the above models (EX, EXL and Touring) come with continuously variable automatic transmission. The engine repertoire also has two options: 2.0 flex, 155 hp for the Sport, EX and EXL versions, and 1.5 turbo, 173 hp power for the Touring model. Digital air-conditioning, electronic brake with slope assistant, cruise control and economical driving mode are common items of all versions; Among the standard equipment, the Civic 2019 also features front, side and curtain airbags, stability and traction control and braking-based torque vectoring system.

Challenges of the Honda Civic 2019



The model arrives at the stores as the country’s second best selling sedan, right behind the relentless Toyota Corolla . As a brief comparison, the Corolla has 48,857 units in the accumulated between January and October 2018. The Civic, in turn, has 21,766 placements; less than half of the main rival, but enough to stay above the 16,271 Chevrolet Cruze . The Toyota Corolla is so successful in its category that it sells more than all the major rivals combined. The brand has already begun testing its new generation, bringing some units of the hatch to Brazil. Toyota’s big dream for the next generation of its best-selling model is finally to have a hybrid version. Check out the prices of the Honda Civic 2019 below. Want the recipe for success? Well, how about asking the Honda executive who had the brilliant idea of selling HR-V in Brazil? In its three-year market, the Japanese SUV has remained a leader as unattainable as the relentless Bayern Munich in Germany, but will the changes in the Honda HR-V 2019 be enough for the car to remain the leader of the segment?

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Like our selection in 1994, he is also struggling to win the top four sales among the country’s most successful compact SUVs. And the tactical scheme of the brand is very clear for the thrust: restyling the Honda HR-V 2019 before even of the Motor Show. The Honda HR-V 2019 boasts more than 190,000 units sold since 2015. In addition to being the most successful product of the brand in Brazil, it has one of the lowest rates of devaluation in the market. Honda likes to say that consumers who put all the bills and attributes on the tip of the pencil would hardly make a different choice from the HR-V, which no longer has the Touring version. Follow the first impressions when driving the EX-L (R $ 108,500), which becomes the top of the line. It’s hard to change a team that’s been winning for so many years, and the Jeep has shown this with very modest changes in Renegade. For reasons of cost, it is almost impossible for a layman to distinguish the differences between the 2018 and 2019 versions of Fiat-Chrysler compact SUV. The story is another with the Honda, which gains details even more sporty and fun to stay competitive. The front grille becomes more prominent in chrome material. The Honda symbol is more horizontal, adding impressive airs to the HR-V. There is also a new design in the front headlights with LEDs for daytime driving and changes in the bumper.

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In a way, the HR-V is even more similar to the WR-V. There are those who like the more robust and aggressive front, but prefer something a bit more sporty. The rear gains new LED taillights that combined with the new alloy wheels. Inside, the benches received a new design, which helped to make them more comfortable. This was a determining factor to have enjoyed so much of the HR-V 2019 along the almost 300 km of course. The car proved to be pleasant to drive, ensuring full comfort for the driver who will not have back pain after a good period behind the wheel.

Honda HR-V 2019 became more comfortable


Honda has also perfected the suspension of the HR-V, making it much more malleable in the city. Improvements in roughness, vibration and noise provide more smoothness on uneven floors, while stability and sensitivity ensure a smooth ride on good quality asphalt. Directional response and linearity remain the same as the model we knew in 2015. The changes fell very well in the city, but body could be a bit more rigid in the road to control a little more the body roll in the corners. Honda relied on the use of damper valves with rectified discs, eliminating the need for spring tensioning. If you have to take light turns, at least you will have all the engine layout for overtaking in straight lines. Honda has reduced the friction and weight of its CVT set, leaving the HR-V smarter on the road. Highlight the intelligence of the gearbox in reducing the gears and delivering more power to the compact SUV. The EX and EXL versions still have rear axles for the rear-wheel drive. The engine remains the same 1.8, 139 hp and 17.4 kgfm at 5,000 rpm, which already feels the weight of age. The brand does not intend to replace its mechanical assembly so early, so expect that to happen only in the next generation. Unlike Renegade, the Honda HR-V 2019 has changed more. It remains to be seen whether the changes will be enough to face not only the current rivals but also the new VW T-Cross, due to start shipping in April 2019. In search of the four-time champion, the Honda HR-V 2019 hits the market with a refreshment in the visual. The SUV, which has always been the best-selling in its class, has seen its recent leadership be threatened by a hungry Hyundai Crete. This prompted Honda to anticipate the launch of the HR-V before the 2018 Motor Show, aiming to lead another year. This time, the brand also bets on a more complete package for prices starting at R $ 92,500 in the basic version LX, rising to R $ 98,700 in the EX version and ending at R $ 108,500 in the EXL.

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With the new visual language, the brand brings the Honda HR-V 2019 closer to the more expensive models in its line. The front grille gets wider, and the Honda symbol in the center is more prominent. A new detail makes the grille advance on the headlights, as in the Civic and Accord dual. Like the Jeep Renegade , the HR-V also gained integrated daytime running lights. The bumper is also unheard of, as are the new fog lights that gain round design (replacing the oval parts of the previous model). The HR-V also features a new design of the 17-inch alloy wheels with diamond finish and dark background. To the confusion of more distracted passengers, the doorknobs remain embedded in the upper part of the tailgate. The lanterns also gain a new layout in LED at the rear, with two light beams. The new smoky design adds sporty touches to the SUV. Inside, changes may vary between versions. The front seats gain new design, with more support for back and legs. In the most expensive version, EXL, the leather is perforated with double seams. In the center console, Honda chose to coat the surface with shiny black finish and new cupholders. The dashboard maintains the layout in “three rings”, with an onboard computer on the right. Steering wheel, air vents and climate control remain the same. As far as connectivity is concerned, the HR-V receives a new multimedia center, seven inches, which will be restricted to the EXL model. From now on, the model has connectivity Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for the pairing of the mobile, enabling even the mirroring of the Waze navigation application. Owners of the more expensive model will also be able to access streaming music features, such as Spotify, and use voice recognition features that allow you to make calls, play music, and send messages. The basic models, however, continue with the conventional audio system and five-inch screen. From the EX version, the HR-V is integrated into the rear camera. The new HR-V is presented at a turbulent time for those who want to buy a compact SUV. At the end of last week, the Jeep went ahead with the presentation of the Jeep Renegade 2019. Last Monday, Volkswagen revealed more details about T-Cross . This, in turn, will be presented on Thursday (25) in a global broadcast.

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It is worth remembering that the Honda HR-V 2019 will reach the Brazilian market in a strong leadership dispute. In the last few months, Hyundai Creta has stood out in sales, even reaching the Honda SUV. The difference between the two in the accumulated of the year is only 2 thousand units. It remains to be seen whether the 2019 version of the Japanese model will be sufficient to ensure the fourth consecutive year in the lead of the segment. Check the price list below

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